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    Human Resources Planning

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    You are the Director of Human Resources for a company that manufactures a major component for a revolutionary new toy that is going to hit the market in time for next Christmas holiday season.

    You have read in the paper that the company that will buy most of the parts is going out of business. Your mind begins to race. You think you might have a Human Resources Planning problem.

    You know that your company has been very successful because of the close relationship you have developed with this company - they have for many years been relying on your organization to provide just in time delivery, quality assurances to their standards, and in fact, your IT people just completed a large project to fully integrate electronic information systems so that their production process could be seamless.

    You really are one of their major partners, rather than just a supplier.

    You have about 18 months to figure out if this problem is going to affect your company, and if so, how. You have been asked to meet with the VP Strategic Planning to discuss the issues raised by the newspaper article.


    As you prepare for the meeting, you have an outline for your discussion consisting of the headings listed below:

    Environmental factors that come into play here. Legal issues I may have to deal with are:

    Supply analysis issues I may have to face, regarding:
    Current internal supply
    Potential internal supply

    Demand analysis issues I may have to face, regarding potential future demand

    Chances are, I may have a gap, and it will look like the following
    Interventions I may have to recommend if I do nothing now include:

    In the meantime, I can take the following steps:

    My final point with the VP Strategic Planning might be:

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    //The given paper is based on a human resource planning problem. Prior to discuss the problem of any organization, it is better to know the company scenario as it reveals a clear picture of the problem. In this series, the brief introduction of the company, as well as the, problem is described under. //

    Overview: Company & Problem:

    The Company manufactures the components of the revolutionary or highly advanced toys and supplies it to a company, which assembles these parts. The firm was expected to have a large sale in the next Christmas holiday season. But it came to know that the buyer company of its parts, is going out of business and the stock would not be demanded by it any further. With such an issue, the company is frightened to have an unsuccessful business in the coming years. The partnership was very much beneficial for the firm's business process. Regarding this problem, there has to be a meeting between the Director of the manufacturing company, as well as, its VP for strategic planning to resolve this issue.

    //After a better understanding of the company's scenario and problem, there may be developed some effective points, which can be included in the discussion section of the meeting. In this context, some of the factors to be incorporated in the meeting are formulated in the given text material. Initially, the environmental and the legal factors are analyzed.//

    Environmental Factors:

    This problem would be affected by several factors of the related business environment. The changing marketing trends are the foremost factors affecting the supply of the manufacturing company. There have been several substitute products in the market with newer technology, which have succeeded the market of the toys companies. The children are provided with video games, computer games, animated movies, ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 1180 words with references.