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    Selecting, Hiring and Training Employees/Hundert & Bell

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    To help forestall workplace deviance in your organization (or one for which you would like to work,) recommend how the organization should select, hire, and train employees.

    From the video, discuss the ethical principles influencing both Hundert's and Bell's thinking. Provide specific examples to support your response.

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    In order to forestall workplace deviance in an organization, it is important to determine exactly what character traits and ethics are needed prior to selecting employees. These traits and ethics should be outlined, utilized in the job search and explained to potential candidates. There are integrity tests that may be used in the recruitment and selection, as well as personality tests that may identify counterproductive work behaviors. In most cases, deviant behavior is not limited to only one part of a prospective employee's behavior. Thus, integrity testing can be important, but also a thorough vetting of a prospective employee's background to confirm validity of information through background reports and reference checking can be important tools as well. During the interview process, a prospective employee can also be questioned on his or her likely behavior given various situational examples.

    It is also important that potential ...

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    This solution describes how to forestall workplace deviance in an organization through selection, hiring and training of employees. Also, looks at video about Hunderts and Bell and discusses the ethical principles influencing both men's thinking. Includes APA references.