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Discussion of a People Strategy

Hi, I need assistance in composing a total of 4 (250-300 word) original responses to the following question:

Why is a people strategy strategic? Provide an example to validate your answer.

I am not sure how to approach this question.

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When are decisions said to be strategic?
According to Johnson et al. (2005), decisions are strategic if they have the following characteristics:
1. It is complex in nature and wide in scope with wide range of activities.
2. They are made in situations with uncertainty in the future.
3. They affect operational decisions.
4. They demand an integrated approach.
5. They involve change in the organization.

Is people strategy strategic?
Yes. As noted by an online source, "people strategy is a strategic document that outlines the company's approach to and relationship with its employees". Its objective is to make sure all people in a supervisory position understand the company's overall relationship with employees".
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