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Jack Welch - Creating Winning Strategy

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Discussion One - Great Strategy Discussion
Determining your next move draws on everything you know about your competition, your own team, and the playing field. You need to discuss your options and choose what you will and won't do.
• When have you been part of a great strategy discussion? Was it well informed? Candid? Passionate?
• If you haven't experienced great strategy discussions, what has gotten in the way?

Discussion Two - How Will You Get Buy In?
• Who do you expect will resist? Why?
• Who will be your most important supporters? How will you mobilize their support?
• What issues do you expect to face when getting buy in for your next big move?

Application Activity - Share Your Strategy
Share your next big move with an individual or group within your organization. Choose an audience that will give you immediate feedback and will be candid.
• What did you say? What did you do?
• How did you gain buy-in, persuade, excite, and motivate?
• How did it go?

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I have been a part of a great strategy discussion. It was moderately informed. I was included in the discussion because the company I work for wanted to set organizational objectives. My company makes a variety of machine tools which are used for cutting metal and wood. During this strategic discussion, the company wanted a commitment from me about the production, my department would make. The discussion was candid because the CEO made it clear that I was called in get a commitment from me. The discussion was candid because the company's environment was analyzed, quantitative targets were set, and the CEO had targets for my division. The discussion was also informed because the performance of each division was analyzed and the choice of company's strategies was discussed.

I have often not experienced strategy discussion when the performance of my division is either considered given or is assumed to be substandard. When the production of drilling machines is considered not important, I am not called in for strategy discussion. At times I feel that personal dislike, prejudice, or conflicts related to my divisions also leads to lack of my participation in strategy ...

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