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    Marketing Strategy Cases

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    1. Lending Tree is one of the leading online lenders who provide financial services to their customers. The company facilitates various lenders to customers and helps to take financial decision. It deals in auto loans, home loans, FHA loans, home equities, VA loans, etc. Your marketing manager has asked you to recommend two additional direct response media to integrate with the LendingTree DRTV campaign to increase its effectiveness. Identify the direct response media you would recommend and explain how you would use them to support the DRTV campaign.

    2. Lands End is a catalog retailer with a well respected Web site. The company has hired you as a consultant to recommend whether to expand its direct marketing with online coupons, package inserts and/or customer mailing ride-alongs. Write a report to Lands End indicating which, if any, of these three programs you think they should adopt. Explain why, for each program, whether the program should or should not be adopted.

    Stone, B., & Jacobs, R., (2008). Successful direct marketing methods (8th ed.). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill Publishing

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    The marketing manager can use two other direct response media one is Newspaper, and other is Billboards. These two media will help the company to increase the effectiveness of DRTV campaign. The newspaper and billboards are the most powerful media because these are usually seen and used by the general public. The use of newspaper is itself a direct print media, which helps to deliver the advertisement and pertinent information to the general public. It pulls the attraction of public, as it contains whole information at one place. Lending tree has a target audience, which caters mostly to all the age of people (Powell, 2006).

    It will help the company to build profits rapidly, and it will especially, attract the non users of internet and computers. This media will support the company to generate large customer base and sales, which can not be easily done through the internet. The newspaper psychologically drives people to believe on whatever information is contained. The use of ...

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