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Marketing Research: Strategy, Data, and Services

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In at least 200 words each, please provide your feedback and include complete citations and in-text citations for the following:

1. Target Inside the Bullseye (http://ahptic.com/target) - Please provide your feedback on Target's marketing strategy.

2. Research indicates that the majority of vehicle purchases are made or are strongly influenced by women. What implications does this have on marketing strategy?

3. In market research, why would you look at secondary data first before gathering primary data?

4. Why do services pose unique challenges to marketers? How important are customer expectations in regard to managing and maintaining service quality? How important a role does employee or staff satisfaction play in the management of service quality?

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1. Target's marketing strategy is cheap chic strategy. This strategy was meant to attract those who wanted excellent brands at the most competitive prices. This strategy gave Target competitive advantage over Wal-Mart. Those who wanted quality brands at rock bottom prices flocked to Target. Target's strategy was value for money. This strategy worked for a while till the customers got equipped with technology. Target faced a new problem. The customers came to Target equipped with smart phones and tablet computers. They saw the products at Target, then queried the products on the internet and purchased the products from the seller that gave the best prices. The combination of high quality at low prices backfired. The customers have show-roomed Target. They see and select products from Target and place the order for the products over the internet. The customers select sellers who offer the lowest deals. Needless to say, those online sellers who do not have brick and mortar establishments are able to offer better prices to the customers. Currently, Target has introduced a new strategy. It has asked its suppliers to make different packing and differentiate the product they sell through Target from those that are sold to other channels. Target has been able to persuade most suppliers to modify their products. This strategy will give limited short time success for Target.

2. The implications for marketing strategy for automobiles will be that automobiles must be designed to appeal to women. The ...

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