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    Developing Balanced Scorecard for Walmart

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    The company i choose was Walmart I have attached the last 4 slp's that i did now for the 5th slp i'm supposed to put it all together.

    You've put a lot of work into your analyses of the four perspectives. Now it's time to put it all together! In this module, you'll be preparing a report drawing on the SLPs from modules 1-4. The task is not to simply combine these documents, but to show how the business functions relate to each other and lead to strategic action.

    The special trick, which you've seen in action in the case, is to construct one or more causal chains that relate the objectives, starting with the most basic level (learning and growth) and leading to the most visible (financial/effect performance).

    Assignment Expectations:

    The first step is the construction of a consolidated table summarizing all your objectives, measures, targets, and action initiatives. This will then enable you to draw the arrows that make up the causal chains implicit in your objectives. You can find a dandy example to follow here:

    BSI (2007) Balance Scorecard Example for the Regional Airline. Balanced Scorecard Institute. Retrieved May 17, 2010, from http://www.balancedscorecard.org/Portals/0/PDF/Regional_Airline.pdf

    Here's a form that you may wish to copy and paste into your report and fill in:






    Now you need to examine your causal chain(s) and consider them as statement(s) of organizational goals and the strategy necessary to reach those goals. As the remainder of this assignment, supplement the table you just prepared with a 2-3 page report discussing the following issues:

    List the strategic goal(s) being pursued and explain why they're important to your organization.

    Explain how the objectives you listed do or do not work to support each other and ultimately the strategic goal.

    Identify any gaps in the causal chains and suggest ways that they might be filled by creating new objectives. Specify what those objectives should be.

    Identify any objectives which do not serve to support the strategic goals and recommend either that they be eliminated or that an additional strategic goal be added. Support your recommendation.

    Briefly summarize the strategic action plan(s) implied by your causal chain(s). Who would need to do what, in what sequence?

    Finally, offer a concise summary of your overall experience trying to apply the balanced scorecard approach to your organization - be honest; you won't be graded up or down on your overall positive or negative evaluation of the experience, but only on the quality of the thought that goes into your analysis. Explain your position carefully.

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    This solution provides guidance on how the four perspectives of Balanced Scorecard - Financial Perspective, Customer Perspective, Internal Business Process and Learning & Growth are related to each other with special reference to Wal-Mart. It explains how for Walmart these perspectives are interlinked and useful in developing the Balanced Scorecard.