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    Human Services Organization Structure

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    This hypothetical organization is entitled Prevention of Child Endangerment. The goal of this program is to prevent any child abuse (whether it be physical, verbal, mental, sexual, or any other type of abuse possible) that is suspected.

    I think matrix structures would be the best for this type of organization. This would be a blend of both functional and divisional departmentalization. I would say that there needs to be an administration department, an individual counseling department, a group counseling department, a liaison department, and a legal authority department. Tasks would then be divided up by client characteristics, different programs needed, and the different areas that the clients reside in.

    My section is to present on planning and designing the program and organization.

    Any help will be very much appreciated and as always thank you for your input.

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    OTA 105878/Xenia Jones

    Title - On Child Endangerment : What is it?

    " A person who is the parent, guardian, or person having custody or control over a child or a minor under the age of eighteen with a mental or physical disability, or a person who is a member of the household in which a child or such a minor resides, commits child endangerment when the person does any of the following:
    a. Knowingly acts in a manner that creates a substantial risk to a child or minor's physical, mental or emotional health or safety.
    b. By an intentional act or series of intentional acts, uses unreasonable force, torture or cruelty that results in bodily injury, or that is intended to cause serious injury.
    c. By an intentional act or series of intentional acts, evidences unreasonable force, torture or cruelty which causes substantial mental or emotional harm to a child or minor.
    d. Willfully deprives a child or minor of necessary food, clothing, shelter, health care or ...

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    The solution is a 752-word narrative divided into 4 different parts (intended as slides) presenting a proposed plan and design/structure of the intended organization/outcome, a hypothetical organization called the 'Prevention of Child Endangerment'. It explores the function of planning, design and goals of a human services organization. References are listed. A word version of the solution is attached for easy printing.