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Validity of police pre-employment screening

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What are your thoughts on police pre-employment screening? Should screening be done, considering the amount of stress law enforcement have to deal with on a regular basis?

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This solution includes a debate about whether police pre-employment screening is necessary or not.

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As you briefly express your thoughts on police pre-employment screening, yes, I support screening as a proactive assessment and measure to detect possible future problems among applicants. Due to the excessive stress, protection of other officers, alleged perpetrators, as well as citizens in the communities served, I advocate screening.

One APA cited article also concurs:

Simmers, K. D., Bowers, T. G., & Ruiz, J. M. (2003). Pre-employment psychological testing of police officers: the MMPI and the IPI as predictors of performance. International Journal Of Police Science & Management, 5(4), 277-294.

The authors contend that screening is ...

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