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Pros and Cons About Genertically Engineered Food

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Is your food genetically engineered? How can you tell? Is it safe? Is it better? If references are available please provide!

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There is far more genetically engineered food on the market today than people realize. It is the process of 'man' getting into the genetic code of plants and animals and adjusting the natural chromosomal patterns to recreate a new outcome, which is supposed to be a better product, according to genetic engineers.

The problem arises with the uncertainty of the long-term affects of this man-playing God mentality. While some loathe the idea of such an evolution with our food source, others argue that there is a lack of evidence that there's really any serious problem with it. Our bodies were not 'programmed' for this kind of food adjustment and when in combination with cellular processes of our body, humans will either adjust or mutations could ultimately cause unanticipated problems later. Natural microbes that might exist in the pioneer ...

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There are many unknown features about the value of consuming genetically ultered food. However, for the community at large, there are some positive features.