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    Diagnostic tool for the treatment of diabetes

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    Identify a research or evidence-based article that discusses a new diagnostic tool or intervention for the treatment of diabetes in adults or children. Based on the information from the article, complete the following components to the assignment:

    I have to summarize the research findings and how they can be applied to a specific patient population.

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    Diabetes: New Treatment for an Enormous Problem, is an article that aptly describes a new drug that can utilized for the treatment of diabetes. This medication is a new drug that has been discovered by researchers, which has been named dapagliflozin, and has a very interesting way of working within the body to keep blood sugar levels lowered. "The main benefit that this drug provides to the body, is preventing the body from reabsorbing glucose into the kidneys, as well as helping the body to excrete a great deal of excess glucose in the urine."(www.Ivanhoe.com). This is a very important process to be carried out by this drug, due to the fact that preventing the body from reabsorbing glucose, this drug helps prevent a great deal of the organic tissue damage that can occur when there is too much glucose present, which can lead to the deterioration of organs and tissue, as well as the arteries within the body, which is subsequently increase the likelihood of heart attacks and strokes, and or organ shutdowns. In addition, the fact that this drug helps to eliminate excess glucose through the urine, makes this drug very helpful and reducing the overall sugar levels that individuals ...