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    Crystalline Proteins With Societal Impact/Use

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    I have to give a 30 minute speech in a couple of weeks about a specific protein. The protein needs to have a crystal structure and have some type of societal impact. I would like a protein that is involved in sports or bodybuilding because that is the subject outside of school that I am most interested in. My question is basically what are the names of some well-versed proteins that I can give my speech about (the protein could also have a role in heart disease, cancer, respiratory disease or diabetes as well) . If you can give me a few that would be great.

    P.S.The protein does NOT have to be involved in sports, it's just a preference. It also cannot be insulin.

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    Dear Student,
    Please find below some proteins that might be interesting to you:
    1) Hemoglobin: This is got to be one of the best studies proteins in the history of science and as an oxygen carrier it plays an important role while doing sports.
    2) Glycated Hemoglobin (HgA1c): This nicely ties with the previous one and shows that slightest difference in protein structure (in this case glycation) can make it useful as ...

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    This solution discusses the crystalline structure and societal impact of various proteins: hemoglobin, glycated hemoglobin, erythropoietin, protein 53, thyroglobin, Ca-125, osteopontin