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V Axis Diagnostic System

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Clinicians all over use the V Axis Diagnostic System when diagnosing and treating a client in therapy. This material breaks each axis down and explains what it is and what it's used for, why it's valuable, as well as explaining what the Global Assessment of Functioning score is and how it works.

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This material gives a complete breakdown of the V Axis Diagnostic System as it's used by clinicians and therapists alike.

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Also known as the multiaxial assessment, the V Axis Diagnostic tool is used in every therapeutic setting that allows the therapist or psychologist to get a clear picture of the client. I will be taking you through the multiaxial assessment, detailing what each one is as well as explain the Global Assessment of Functioning scale, or GAF. This diagnostic tool allows the therapist or psychologist to detail what the client's specific diagnosis is for records. The following description is taken ...

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