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    Article Review: Designing healthy communities Q&A with Dick Jackson.

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    What do you think are the most interesting points that the author makes about environmental and occupational health here? Do you agree or disagree? What would you like to change or assess in today's environment to make it healthier?

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    The author makes an interesting point that "much of our health is dictated by where we live, what surrounds us all the time: the physical, the social, the cultural, the nutritional environments that we're in" (David, 2012). It is not just our status of disease but also rather the larger picture of how access to various services and the impact of our environment affects us. Dr. Jackson brings up Boulder and Detroit as two cities where health is being incorporated into the environment, causing people to live better lives and be happier.

    I love the statement "health is where and how we live, not a doctor's office" (David, 2012). It reminds me of the people that get in their cars to drive to the gym to work out. This seems like an oxymoron. Health must be incorporated into our lifestyles. Dr. Jackson mentions the need to look at public health from a much broader perspective, incorporating it into our communities. I agree with this concept. Public health is dependent on all parts of the community, not just having a ...

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    This solution outlines the most interesting points that the author of the attached article makes about environmental and occupational health, and outlines things to change to make environments healthier.