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Relationship of Social Behavior and Health

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Health plays a major role in the functioning of society. Define the relationship between social behavior and health. Justify your answer using examples and reasoning.

What are the social factors that play a critical role in improving health?
What are the social factors that are the greatest threat to health?
How can sociology help health practitioners better understand their patients and provide improved forms of health care?

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Health is a balance of social, emotional, physical and spiritual energy. When a person spends too much time in one or a few areas, other important areas are likely neglected. Like a wheel that is no longer true, balance will be off. Too much time at place of worship or a bar, drinking leaves less time for exercise or other important life activities.

While we all have a spiritual side, whether acknowledged or not, understanding a person's purpose and goals is critical for optimal well-being. Education ...

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This solution discusses the relationship between social behavior and health in society by defining social behavior and health and how they interrelate. It also discusses what social factors are most important and most effective in maintaining health.

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