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    social determinants of health

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    Assignment # 1
    Health plays a major role in the functioning of society. Define the relationship between social behavior and health. Justify your answer using examples and reasoning.

    Ã?¢â?¬Ã?¢ What are the social factors that play a critical role in improving health?

    Ã?¢â?¬Ã?¢ What are the social factors that are the greatest threat to health?

    Ã?¢â?¬Ã?¢ How can sociology help health practitioners better understand their patients and provide improved forms of health care?

    Submit your answers in a three- to four-page Microsoft Word document

    Assignment # 2

    Assignment Details
    Consult at least four scholarly journals of public health and medical sociology and conduct an in-depth literature review concerning an issue of national or international significance.
    Describe the issue in your own words, paraphrasing the author(s). You may need to restrict the subject to fit within the timeframe and paper length.

    The paper will address, at a minimum, how the issue or problem occurred; public health's involvement; which population, if any, is most impacted; social determinants; epidemiological measures; and governmental responses to the selected issue or problem.

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    From what you've posted, it looks to me like assignment one provides a foundation for assignment two so I'm going to discuss these two assignments using the same example. I've found that there are two things to do to start to help yourself focus your thoughts when feeling a bit overwhelmed (which I think may be going on due to your posting). First, think of a health issue that is important or of interest to you. If you pick a topic you don't like, these assignments will be more difficult; if you choose a topic that is of interest to you, you'll be more likely to become engaged in the assignment. Second, go through your notes and class materials and answer each of the questions in assignment one from those things. You should have a definition of health, a definition of social behavior and something on the relationship between these two somewhere in your materials. Use these materials to support a lot of the basics your instructor is looking for as this moves your ideas from opinion to argument, it shows you know the material from class and that you understand and can use the material from the course. Plus, it reduces time because you don't have to go looking for information you already have. If you break down each piece of these assignments, you'll be able to address what your instructor is looking for in both assignment one and two and to do this in a meaningful way.

    Bear in mind these things: sociology studies society and focuses on the impact that our / the environment has on us as individuals, groups and populations. Epidemiology is directly connected to the field of public health. Think about the different ways in which your instructor and course materials have talked about public health as well as epidemiology specifically - then connect this to society / to our social environments.

    I'm going to pick a topic that to some, is a public health issue but may not be seen as one - rheumatoid arthritis (RA). From a pure health or medical perspective, RA is form of arthritis in which a person's immune system is a bit 'out of whack' - a person's body believes there's an infection in a joint and sends the white blood cells there to stop it. Its the same process that happens if you get a cut and your body works to heal it. ...

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    A discussion of the connection between social behavior and health and advice with how to write a paper on this topic including the impact of inequality on health. Rheumatoid arthritis is used as the health issue to illustrate ways to discuss this topic.