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    Assessing the long-term effects of sun exposure

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    In a history and physical assessment, what would you assess to determine long-term sun exposure?

    If you were concerned about pressure ulcers in a patient, what areas would you assess? What increases patient risk for skin breakdown?

    Your elderly grandmother wants to remain in her home. In the home assessment, what factors might you identify that might increase patient risk for falls?

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    1) To determine long-term sun exposure the following questions would need to be asked:
    -Do you or have you ever tanned (natural and tanning salon)?
    -What SPF of sunblock/screen do you use? When did you first start using it? How often do you use it?
    -Have you ever had an occupation that was primarily outdoors?
    -Have your hobbies included much time spend outdoors?
    -Skin type
    -Regions the person has lived ...

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