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Cataracts and Stochastic Effects

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Cataracts are a potential side effect of radiation exposure to the lens of the eye. Find three different resources that explain cataracts as a stochastic or non-stochastic effect.

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To define cataracts as stochastic or non-stochastic effect, we need to start with a definition. Stochastic effects are "effects that occur on a random basis with its effect being independent of the size of the dose." For example, cancer is a stochastic effect because it happens randomly and no known agent make it worse. Non-stochastic effects are "effects that can be related directly to the amount of dose it received." The effect is more severe with a higher dose. For example, burn gets worse as the dose increases. It has a threshold, below which effect will not occur. For example, a skin burn from radiation is a non-stochastic effect.

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This solution discusses whether cataracts are a potential stochastic or non-stochastic effect. Three references are provided to aid in the understanding of the solution.