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    Challenges Faced by a Health Care Organization (Betty Case Study)

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    Betty's Emergency Room Visit

    Betty is a 64-year-old woman who reported to the emergency room of her local hospital on a Friday evening after falling down 10 stairs. It was determined that she had a distal fracture of the right wrist, and an orthopedic resident responded within 2 hours.

    Betty was instructed to call the orthopedic surgeon on call on Monday morning to be seen as soon as possible. In addition, the resident indicated surgery would be done by Thursday at the latest. She was given a soft cast at the time and provided with instructions for care and a prescription for pain. On Monday morning she called the orthopedic surgeon's office and was told the earliest appointment was Wednesday, as the doctor is never in until Wednesday.

    Betty went back to the ER on Monday because of increased pain and swelling. She was seen by a physician assistant who loosened the dressing and prescribed additional pain medication to cover until the visit on Wednesday. Betty questioned the appointment and availability of another physician, but she received no response.

    On Wednesday, during a snow emergency, Betty's brother drove her to the office of the orthopedic surgeon. It was decided that surgery would be her best option. The surgeon, however, told Betty that he did not operate on hands, and she was referred to another specialist.

    When Betty returned home, she called the new nurse manager at the emergency room, Linda, to discuss the quality of care and the referral process. The main question was why a physician would be on call when he was not available as the resident indicated. In addition, the PA was abrupt, did not answer questions, and appeared bothered by the entire process. Betty also indicated extreme dissatisfaction at expecting to have surgery as instructed by Thursday. What should Linda, as the new nurse manager, do to provide quality care to all patients?

    * Identify he challenges faced by the health care organization in the case study
    * Identify strategies that could be used to tackle the conflict
    * Purpose suggestions for how these strategies can be implemented
    * What role does collaboration have in implementing strategies in the health care industry?
    * What roles do individuals and teams have in this process?
    * Identify any barriers that might arise in the implementation and how will you overcome these as a team.

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