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    Speed-strength program in high school vs. college

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    During this stage of the course we have spent a considerable amount of time looking at the various components of fitness (strength, endurance, power, flexibility). In addition, several different authors have provided their recommendations regarding the proper exercise prescriptions for and progressions of sport conditioning, any of which can be effective if proper supervision and motivation is provided. However, are there inherent differences between implementing a "speed-strength" program in high school versus college? College versus Professional? In other words, how would the approach be different at the various levels of sport?

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    Since speed strength comes from the neuromuscular system's ability to create a large impulse in a short amount of time it is a trained, learned component. The stronger you are, the more speed you will be able to generate. Strength has a genetic basis but it also varies based upon the gender, age, ...

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    This solution discusses the differences in implementing a speed-strength program for high school vs. college athletes, college vs. professional athletes, based upon the various levels of sport.