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Describe the external; environmental (task environment, societal environment) of a college. Identify and discuss the opportunities and threats posed by these environmental elements of the OT of the SWOT.List 5(five) opportunities and 5 (five) threats.

Describe the internal environment (structure, culture, assets est) of a college. Identify and discuss the strengths and weakness posed by these environmental elements. the SW of SWOT. List 5 strengths and 5 weaknesses.

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It is quite general to say a "college" so I will provide generalized answers.

When looking at the external environment, you need to look at how the college is perceived in the mind of stakeholder, and how it is in the environment. There are many stakeholder in a college:
- students
- professors
- administrators
- government
- financial institutions who give loans and scholarships
- industries who will do cooperative studies
- the media
- graduates and alumni

These can all play a role in the societal environment since the college's activity effects each of these groups in a different way. For example, if the media does a negative story on the college that will impact students, alumni, staff... If industry is not hiring grads from that college this will impact enrollment...

You have to look at how the college is perceived - is it seen as a benefit to society? Are they a "green" university? Do they have programs that benefit outside individuals?

Task Environment: are essentially: forces from suppliers, customers, and competitors.
who would be suppliers at a school?
- furniture suppliers (desks, chairs...)
- food (cafeteria), vending machines
- bookstores

- students
- professors
- staff members

- other schools

1) have a cheaper and better ...

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