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    Learning is a life long commitment

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    Would you think that a 45 year old understands and is able to use a college degree (generally) better than someone who went directly to college from high school? (generally)

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    Learning is a life long commitment.

    College degrees and university education is a privilege that the bright people have, because they are fortunate to go to college and get higher education, because they want o improve their minds. The benefit of better job marketability as a more educated person is just a materialistic aspect of contemporary education.

    To me, personally, as long as an individual's mental faculties are alert and functioning, learning by being involved in a structured educational program is a good thing.

    Any modern day post-industrialization country, can present statistics of a class of its citizens who did not put a restriction over their ...

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    Learning is a life long commitment - short essay answer: Adult learners vs younger learners