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Describe how the following external factors will effect telehealth/telemedicine's trend in relationship to home healthcare:

1. Need help with information in finding how Risk Management effects Telehealth with Home Health Agencies. I will be using for a Power Point.

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1. Need help with information in finding how Risk Management affects Telehealth with Home Health Agencies.

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? Telehealth delivery is as an extension of nurses' good work in the home. Risk management is about customer/patient safety (e.g., assessing the patient's needs to make sure they fit with telehealth objectives; providing safe home environment linked with telehealth delivery, and providing quality care) and about ethical and legal protection for the Home Health Agency.


A case example is a nurse effectively teaching her CHF home care patients how to self manage from her office at the University of Illinois Medical Center, Chicago. Case examples of patients doing very well with the technology (even elderly patients, even more challenging co-morbid and noncompliant elderly patients, too) are provided as typical, not exceptional. Nonetheless, the importance of screening every patient as appropriate for telehealth is stressed. A suggested assessment form is provided in Example 1 below. After reviewing this information acquired from each patient, nurses (working with the patient's physician) can determine if the patient is "right" for telehealth (e.g. Risk Management).

Example 1: Screening for appropriate admission to the telehealth program


To screen current patients of _____________ [the home health agency] for appropriate admission to the telehealth program.

In-person assessment of patients is required to complete this checklist, and should be completed during a usual visit so that the nurse is able to judge the communication skills and other capabilities of the patient (and/or of a caregiver who will be present at each telehealth interaction) (For full form and the specific questions asked at http://www.informationfortomorrow.com/Fullviewofnursestelehealthbook.pdf).

RISK MANAGEMENT: Safety and Quality Assurance

? Risk concerns in quality of care use e.g. how to decrease risk of harming patient or organization through providing safe and quality care.

? Case examples ...

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This solution discusses how risk management effects telehealth (telemedicine) with Home Health Agencies. References and links for further research are also provided.

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