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Assessing Change in the Workplace

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Consider a recent change in your workplace. What behaviors by individuals or groups let you know that the change had or had not been put into action? What strategies could have been used to increase the rate or degree of implementation of the change?

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Referring to an example of a change in a workplace, this solution discusses the behaviors by individuals or groups that would suggest to a person that the change had or had not been put into action. It also explores strategies that could have been used to increase the rate or degree of implementation of the change.

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Let's consider a change initiative at St. Joseph's Hospital, which was a rehabilitation initiative, in the Orthopaedic Department of Westmead Hospital.

The purpose of the initiative was to increase early access to the rehabilitation facility for NWB orthopaedic patients in the Sydney West Area Health Service and consequently reduce bed blockages of the acute Orthopaedic Trauma ward in a 6- month period. The problem in this ward was that there was a group of non-weight-bearing (NWB) patients that inevitably did not meet the criteria for rehabilitation admission. The admission criteria effectively slowed down the flow of patients into the acute Orthopaedic Trauma ward and more importantly, left the patients with limited rehabilitation resources and an overall decreased functional outcome. However, the WASRI (Westmead And St Joseph's Hospital-Rehabilitation Initiative) project was a celaboration of both nursing and medical fields in both facilities, which developed a set of criteria that would enable NWB patients to ...

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