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Pictures can speak to us in ways words cannot.

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Surf on over to zonezero.com, the website for a Los Angeles photography gallery. Take your time, look around, and choose a photo that particularly stands out to you.

Your task for this essay is to describe this process and this photograph, and then explain why you were attracted to it--all to a reader who presumably has not been to this website before, and doesn't have it in front of them now.

Describe how you got there, what if any trouble you had with the website's set-up, perhaps what other photos you saw and whether or not you were interested in them. Describe the one you've chosen, so that your readers can imagine it in their own minds (consider sensory detail-color, certainly, but even texture.) Then explain what attracted you to the image. Did it remind you of something? Did you think it was odd, intriguing, or startling? Were you surprised at your response to it, or are you surprised that such a thing could wind up in a photo gallery?

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If a picture is truly worth a thousand words, as the old saying goes, then the website zonezero.com is akin to the photographer's Library of Congress. Gallery after gallery offers visual stimulation and intellectual reflection. Numerous themes cover issues such as gender identity, violence, landscapes, still life, oppression and the normalcy of life. There are themes for all ages, genders and interests. Easily navigable, the site allows one to skim along the surface or plumb the depths of this riveting visual world. As I investigated the numerous galleries I was drawn to one that documented the process of picking tea for global consumption. One picture in particular drew my attention to the disparity between those who produce and those who consume tea.

Three middle-aged Asian women take a break from picking tea. They sit ...

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This post relates to the power of visual images to move us. I analyze one particular picture and describe how the images in it make me think and feel certain things. Over 550 words of original text along with the website where the original photo is found along with numerous other pictures.