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    Business in the International Market

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    Hello Elizabeth;

    Could you provide your feedback to these question below?

    1. Is it possible the localization of a product or business strategy may be over looked by having such a broad view? Are there other risks?

    2. The international market may not have matured to a level of maximum potential for the organization, there are infrastructure concerns, as well as social and economic considerations that much be done. How would you make preparations for a maturing market that is unable to facilitate your market demands for supplies, labor, and even transportation? The international market plays a key role in the mobility of funds and resources. What are the key areas to consider when this factor is realized, and how do you make it work for you?

    3. Regional managers and country managers are very good support resources for getting ideas through the management chain including identifying what is needed from a CEO. They are generally much attuned to the needs of country or region and often effectively communicate the need to the next level of management.

    You did mention the need for effective communication. One of the things I strongly suggest is the use of more pictures and less words whenever possible. Many people outside of the US are not necessarily fully fluent in the English language and the wrong words can doom a great idea. However, if the ideas lend itself to a graphic representation with minimal words the message can be understood no matter what language you speak or read.

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    1. Is it possible the localization of a product or business strategy may be over looked by having a broad view? Are there other risks?

    A broad view can cause a person to overlook the minute details, but it can also help a person to see the entire picture. When any kind of business strategy is put in place, a person is able to put specific steps into action by seeing the perspectives from both sides. However, this can pose some risks that can go with it. Management may end up focusing on the global and not think locally while trying to get to a target market overseas. By this occurring, they are less likely to think about the outcomes of their actions by not having enough preparation for various laws and regulations that are set forth by the United States government. Eventually, they get so far behind that they end up losing money and customers in the midst of their situation. The other side of the issue is going to another part of the globe, and failing to come prepared when only ...

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