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Battle Royal synopsis

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Details: Your team manager at Java House wants your team to move forward in constructing the content for the specific portions of the chapter. To complete your section of the chapter, you will develop a literary analysis of a story you have chosen from the readings assigned to Phase 1.

Identify the theme within the story you have chosen, and discuss how the following elements develop the theme you identify within your chosen story:

â?¢Plot development

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First of all, as you identify the setting of this riveting piece, most of it occurs through flashback. However, the main setting to me is the ballroom during the 1920s in America. Ellison describes that "It was in the main ballroom of the leading hotel. When I got there I discovered that it was on the occasion of a smoker, and I was told that since I was to be there anyway I might as well take part in the battle royal to be fought by some of my schoolmates as part of the entertainment. The battle royal came first." Because the word "ball room" automatically evokes an air of socioeconomic class and flair, it serves as symbolism, I think about how African Americans were socially excluded from such lavish worlds of luxury. What do you think?

As you then explicate theme within this piece, I strongly feel that "Battle Royal" articulates how difficult and unfair it was for African-Americans to socially live in a world where they were alienated, mistreated, and outcast. It exposes the injustices of minorities in American through the anonymous male narrator. Do you agree with me?

This story also seems to exposes how African Americans struggled to secure their rightful place in America socially. It also demonstrates how white society tried to manipulate, coerce, and control African Americans.

As you then detect the use of symbolism within this piece, you might recognize that the most prevalent and obvious symbol is likely the ...

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Battle Royal synopsis is guided from Ellison's text.

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