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Issues/Concerns and Recommendations/Solutions

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Mainly, how would you approach the problem and what COAs would you develop?

Question - What are the critical issues/concerns and recommendations/fix of each area ?

Synopsis: I have just been put in charge of rebuilding a military unit that was recently pretty much wiped out in a battle. There are survivors; however, morale is extremely low and my job is to develop a strategy that provides purpose, direction, and motivation to rebuilding this unit. It must be organized in the following 6 categories below.

Requirement: Please assist me with identifying possible issues within these 6 broad ranges that will assist me in developing an effective strategy to address each issue to rebuild this unit. The intent is to critically think/reason to identify the issues within each area and to formulate a viable plan or solution to resolve each; however, I'm stuck on the issues.







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Attached is a version of your document with indications for developing a suitable strategy for the task you describe. What I've given is perforce a general approach rather than the concrete plan you need to develop, since the ...

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