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problems in running an effective team meeting

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What are the common problems in running an effective team meeting? Briefly describe five such problems and suggest ways to resolve them.

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The best team structure depends on the management style of the organizations, the number of the people who will populate the team and their skills levels, and the overall problem difficulty. Three types of the generic team organization are as follows.
? Democratic decentralized: This type of team has no permanent leader. Rather "task coordinators are appointed for the short durations and the replaced by others who may coordinate different tasks." Decision on problems and approach are made by the group consensus. Communication among the team member is horizontal.
? Controlled decentralized: This type of team has a defined leader who coordinate the specific tasks and secondary leaders that have the responsibility for subtasks. Problem solving remains a group activity, but the implementation of solution is partitioned among the subgroups by team leader. Communication among subgroups and individuals is horizontal. Vertical communication along the control hierarchy also occurs.
? Controlled Centralized: Top-level problems solving and internal coordination are managed by a team leader. Communication between the leader and team member is vertical.
Factors, which should be considered while planning the effective team, can be as follows:
? The difficulty of the problem to be solved.
? The time that the team will stay together.
? The degree to which the problem can be modularized.
? The required quality and reliability of outcome, which should be generated.
? The rigidity of the delivery date.
? The degree of the sociability required for the project.
To achieve a high performance team:
? Team members must have trust in one another.
? The distribution of skills must be appropriate to ...

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