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    Team Meeting for Strategies for Change

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    You have been asked to head a new team, which has been labeled the Underwater Work Force (UWF). Answer the following questions:

    - What is the purpose of your team?

    - What will you address in your first meeting?

    - What threats and enemies cannot be escaped without group collaboration and cohesiveness?

    - What initiatives would you strive to clarify and why?

    Discuss application of the four major decision techniques used by task force members to solve problems:
    ordinary, subgroup, brainstorming, and Nominal Group Technique (NGT).

    Remember, this is your opportunity to be creative. Be imaginative. Explore the possibilities. The objective is to exercise your creative thinking muscles while exploring the application of what you have learned in this module.

    Professional Development
    Discuss the importance of the initial task force meeting. Give examples where you have experienced effective and non-effective initial meetings. What were the outcomes?

    A internet search of information about task forces and minutes from initial task force meetings from various organizations will be needed to form an effective answer.

    Issues to Consider
    How do the various types of personalities involved in the work team affect the outcome of team efforts?

    What can you do to ensure that your work teams have members with the skills that you need to do the job you are assigned?

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