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Domains for an Evaluation Team to Discuss at a Multidisciplinary Evaluation Team Meeting

What are topics that should be discussed at a Multidisciplinary Evaluation Team meeting when a student with a physical disability, other health impairment, or severe sensory disoMultidisciplinary Evaluation Team meeting facets are included.rder is being discussed?

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Generally at such a meeting, the following people are present: the child's guidance counselor, the special ed teacher, the special ed dept. head and assuming he is mainstreamed- all his academic teachers, representing the individual subjects he is being taught, as well as any specialized instructor for special ed, such as speech therapist. The main topics which would be discussed would involve how effective the differentiation of instruction, which is being implemented, is for the child. Different subjects might involve the use of different instructional tools and an exchange of ideas on how effective these strategies have been, would be of great use to each instructor, to help him be a more effective teacher for this particular student, in considering his special needs.

At the University of Phoenix, they have outlined 4 important domains for an Evaluation Team to consider ...

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