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Consumer Ethnocentrism Explained/ Honda & Toyota Considered

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I am having difficulty explaining consumer ethnocentrism. Is it positive or negative for companies like Toyota and Honda that most of America views as "foreign" brands of automobiles? Thank you.

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Consumer ethnocentrism is a psychological concept that refers to individuals who believe their country's products are superior to those of other countries. Marketers appeal to this need by promoting "Buy American" or "Made in the U.S.A." In the automobile industry, this has been a battle cry, particularly since many domestic automobile companies flounder in terms of quality and reliability. The Big Three automakers and the United Auto Workers have tried to make patriotism part of the car buying mentality of Americans. These organizations even helped to write federal legislation that requires stickers on all new vehicles stating the percentage of foreign parts (Levin, 1994). By playing on consumers ethnocentrism, manufacturers can promote patriotism, and link saving American s jobs with buying a new car. In regards to Toyota and Honda there are pluses and minuses of being ...

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This detailed solution explains consumer ethnocentrism, and explains if it is positive or negative for companies like Toyota and Honda that they are viewed as foreign automobile brands by most Americans. Includes APA formatted references.