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    Honda and General Motors Annual Report

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    1) Get annual reports for Honda and GM and see how many plants they have worldwide.. How many do they have in Brazil, India, China, and Russia... We can then make comparison to toyota..

    2) Exactly how much have sales (number of units and / or revenue) has slipped for Toyota and Honda this year vs last year...

    3) Get on Toyota web site and Honda web site.. Get price comparison of similar Honda Models vs Toyota models (i.e. Camry and Civic... Rav 4 vs some Honda models)... What I am trying to understand is is Honda priced higher or lower than similar Toyota modelsthis will help with Strategic Group Map...

    4) how many employees Honda has and how many does toyota have

    5) In the Toyota annual report, they have a section about how each market area is doing. Gives two or three key points on what Toyota plans to do in these markets.

    6) What are the recommendations that you have for Toyota.. Given the postion they are in.. What do you think they should do...

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