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    Buying Process or Consumer Needs

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    Using a specific product or consumer need, discuss how a consumer identifies a need to purchase. Identify the buying process a consumer moves through in order to purchase a product. Evaluate the effectiveness of marketing's influence on each step of the buying process. Please include references.

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    Consumers have the tendency to buy products offered by a company because of some identified needs. To them, a product is considered as a solution to their need. In connection to this, a marketer should be able to analyze the possible determinant of needs of a consumer that drives him to come up with purchase decisions.
    Kotler and Keller (2005) identified key factors that may be considered as determinants of consumer needs or factors that may influence a consumer's identification of a need. The said factors include the following:
    1. Cultural factors. These are set of values, preferences, perceptions, and behaviours that may determine a need to purchase or avail of a product or service. These set of factors are said to be influenced by the buyer's family and other key institutions. Other set of factors are those that are in the buyer's subculture such as nationalities, racial groups, religions, and geographic regions.

    A member of a family may have indicated a need for a particular car, their preferences in such a product, and the features that may be given importance.

    2. Social factors - reference groups, social roles, statuses.
    A need for a product or service may arise ...

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