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    Analysis of an Organization's Business Strategy

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    Please describe and evaluate an organization's business strategy.

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    In providing guidance for this posting, I will describe and evaluate the business strategy of Golden Boy promotions Inc., which is an organization that is in the business of promoting and staging boxing matches around the world for tremendous amounts of profit. One of the key aspects of the business strategy of this organization is to consistently and systematically conduct situational analysis of the global market for prize fights, as well as to analyze what areas of the world have the most demand for prize fights, to be held within their countries. In addition, this analysis also analyzes customer demand, in order to ascertain what weight classes that they are most interested in seeing at prize fights, which would help them to make the determination as to what weight classes should be showcased most often at the fights that they promote. This business organization also statistically calculates the probable percentage of boxing fans that will tune into ...

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    This solution describes key aspects of evaluating an organization's business strategy.