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Strategy Analysis - identify the Business Strategy of a company

Case Study Analysis - I would like to get direction on how to identify the Business Strategy of a company (goals, product market focus, core activities and value proposition) and then how to analyze the strategy by answering the following:

1) Is the strategy internally consistent?

2) Is the strategy consistent with the environment?

3) Is the strategy consistent with the present or obtainable resources?

4) Is the strategy consistent with the firm's organizational attributes?

5) Is the strategy consistent with the personal preferences and beliefs of top management?

I read the case studies and still have problems trying to identify what the strategy and if the strategy is consistent.

Detailed assistance would be greatly appreciated (i.e. what types of questions do I need to ask for each question above to get the answers I need).

If you could provide me with a sample analysis that shows a breakdown and how the answers were derived I would appreciate it.

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Analysis of the business strategy first should look at the organization's mission and goals. If the mission statement is not provided, this can be determined by asking:

What does the organization do?

How does it do this?

How does it position itself within the industry? ie: is it a low cost leader, does it focus on specialization, are there any added value features?

Organizational goals are objectives the organization may be trying to reach, ie: increasing market share by 10% in the next 24 months. The strategy is developed based on goals and the mission of the organization. Therefore, the strategy should be consistent with those goals.

1. If the strategy is internally consistent, the corporate strategy, business unit strategy and the operational strategy should all reflect activities that support the organizational goals and ...

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