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    International Business Competitiveness

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    1. What are the characteristics of corporate strategy? What are the characteristics of business strategy? How do these differ? Provide an example of each strategy.

    2. Identify the 5 Forces in Porter's Industry Analysis Model. Then discuss three important factors for each force

    3. There are many goals corporations may have. Identify two goals and provide examples of each. Then discuss how the strategy of the corporation is different as they follow each of the two goals.

    4. As companies develop international strategies they can take different structures. Your text and the slides for the course identify several structures. Please discuss in detail three of these and how they differ.

    5. "The fact that so many companies that have been outstandingly successful in their home market have failed so miserably in their overseas expansion demonstrates the complexity of international management." Please comment on this statement using models and theories from the class in your discussion.

    6. There are many reasons a firm may choose to diversify. Please identify two of these. Then comment - with examples - on why a firm would diversify

    7. One of the most common tools used to analyze the portfolio of a diversified company is the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) matrix. Please identify the components of this model. Then - discuss in detail the pros and cons of this model?

    8. The text and the lectures identify three generic strategies. Please discuss all three of these and the differences among them. Be sure to provide an example of each strategy.

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