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Business Management - Improving Outsourcing

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There are many practices to improve business process in the area of strategic operation management. One of them is outsourcing. Which can reduce cost dramatically, however at the same time the quality has the possibility of decrease. More important, the company will lose its core competitiveness during the period of outsourcing.

So how to ensure the corporate core competitiveness and ensure the high quality standard while using outsourcing for improving business process.

There is no words limit, but recommend to write more than 150 words, academic reference and real time example is preferable.

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Corporate core competitiveness is ensured during outsourcing by keeping the core activities with the company and outsourcing only the non-core activities. An example will clarify what we mean. When Coca Cola Company enters into an agreement with its bottlers, it keeps the core activities with the company. Coca Cola Company makes the concentrate and syrup. The bottling and distribution is outsourced to another company. Further high ...

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