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    Corporate Strategy Related Issues

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    Hi , Please I want help to write for this Discussion Board in ( Strategic Management )Thanks.

    Professor Instructions : Writing (ONE PAGE)
    1- Taking into account that the quotation of internet. Not more than 5%. If the ratio is greater than 5%. He will Refuse .
    2- One way to decrease your over is to read an article then summarize the text to include at least one paraphrased statement.
    3- Writing (ONE PAGE), and Writing all the References at the end page. Thanks.

    Subject : Issues and Case Analysis
    Corporate strategy
    Single-business vs. multiple-business organizational strategies
    Organizational growth strategies
    Stability strategy
    Renewal strategy
    Portfolio analysis matrices

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    Corporate strategy means the broad direction of a company and the manner in which its business processes will be combined to achieve its goals. The corporate strategy lists the markets, and businesses the company operates and the scope of its operations (1). It seeks to improve the competitive position by improving the firms competitive strategy.

    Single business strategy means the firm sticks to its strengths. By concentrating its operations strategies, and marketing strategies to one product, there is one united strategy. The strategy at the organization level, corporate level, and business level is the same. ...

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