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    Total Quality Management

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    Can you describe how the effects of poor quality impact an organization? (a minimum of 150 words).

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    1. What are the sources for personal ground rules?

    Personal ground rules are the rules and principles that guide personal behavior.
    Sources of personal ground rules are such things as rules and values instilled in a person from family of origin (e.g., show respect to all people), religious-based values and rules that govern behavior (e.g., do onto others as you would have them do onto you), peers and friends (e.g., be there to help out your friends no matter what; unconditional love), television programs (e.g., spiritual or religious programs, other programs), personal development training (see quotes below), societal and legal rules (e.g., do not speed; do not drink and drive), organizational ground rules (e.g., be to work on time; meet all deadlines; to not discriminate); to name a few.
    Thus, the sources often make the personal ground rules situation specific. For example, the same personal ground rules might not apply in the work place as do outside the workplace, and visa versa.

    2. Where would you look for the resources to support personal growth and development?

    Resources to support personal growth and development might come from library, books, CDs, tapes, Internet sources (see http://www.trans4mind.com/; http://www.schulersolutions.com/personal_growth___development.html), workshops and material for training in personal growth and development (http://hr.ua.edu/st-dev/current_training/personal_growth.htm), ...

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