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    Quality Management in Companies

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    How would you define 'quality' in the context of your company or a company you know well? What value does the concept of quality have for the company? Justify your answer by giving practical examples.

    In addition to your readings, use the article below to answer the following question.
    Yong, J. & Wilkinson, A. (2002) The long and winding road: The evolution of quality management. Total Quality Management, Vol. 13, No.1 pp. 101- 121.

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    Quality in my company is doing things right all the time, in order to sell more and increase customer happiness. I work in the grocery business. Quality is involved in the products we stock: it is important to offer products that are pleasing to our customers, free of damages, and appealing. Our stores must be clean and safe. Our people must be pleasant and attentive to customers, greeting them, answering questions, and ringing their purchases up correctly with speed. Our employees must also feel that they are working in a quality organization, which means it is important to treat employees fairly and in a reasonable manner. Quality at our distribution level or in the accounting area or any of the other support centers is similar: the work must be done correctly, in a timely manner that helps further the company's agenda to sell more product.

    As Yong and Wilkinson (2002) point out in their article, quality must be defined by a company in some manner, beyond just the intangible concept of "excellence." To this end, my company has established standards that must be met to ensure quality. For instance, product selection is based upon the metrics of how well an item sells nationally. Transaction times are measured and compared to the standard of x number of seconds ...

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