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Examples of Implementing Organizational Change

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• Give two examples of organizational changes that you think should be implemented through project management. In each case, explain why project management is the best method of implementing the change.

One example of organizational change that could benefit from the methodology of project management would be upgrading or introducing a company's service management team. Let's say you have a company that builds and sells widgets and realizes that there is a market for repairing and replacing said widgets, but the current management do not have the staffing structure or the software programs to keep track of all of these new work orders. This is where a PM could come in and organize the implementation of the program that allows for work orders to be addressed by the service team, then once the work order is done, create a process for follow up by a customer service rep and complete the circle and keep everyone in the loop of accountability.

Another example of where a PM would be beneficial, is in a company that is trying to upgrade their manufacturing equipment in their warehouse to new and improved systems. A PM could analyze the current system to better understand what areas needed improvement and then start the process of purchasing the new equipment in a phased-in approach. This would limit the down time the company would incur and allow for maximum profitability during the transition.

• Explain how project managers should manage the changes resulting from an increase or decrease in the scope of an ongoing project.

There are several ways that a PM can manage the increase or decrease of the scope in a project and the first would be to put all requirements in writing, keep them current and readily available (Schwalbe, P213). This is also where understanding your timeline and iteration deliverables is critical, if you know where your team is and keep a firm hand on the pace then you can be confident in expanding the scope provided that it's been identified as acceptable in terms of cost and time.

• Explain how project managers should manage the changes resulting from deadlines being brought forward or pushed back on an ongoing project.

Probably the most important part of a successful change order request is to understand your deliverable timeline, as well as understand and know your resources capabilities. When you have a solid grasp on what your team can do you will know if any changes that arise will succeed or fail. If a change stretches the teams resources and creates an inferior product then a PM would know this and be able to speak with the stakeholders and request additional staffing to help meet the new deadline.


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