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    Advertising versus Publicity

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    1. What are the primary differences between advertising and publicity? How ethical is advertising that appears as publicity?

    2. What role does technology play in global public relations? Provide a specific example.

    3. What are some of the ethical dilemmas faced by marketers in emerging global markets? Explain responsible marketing practices that should be followed in emerging foreign markets.

    4. Patent laws are very strong in the United States but they do not automatically carry the same power across international borders. Having said this, how would you protect proprietary or intellectual property then?

    5. What do you think from a marketing perspective; wouldn't a marketer want the comment on his/her product be perceived as credible because a credible comment would lead to more sales?

    6. What are some ways to share important market research across a global organization? If you were responsible for gathering research for a new market, how would you share it with your global colleagues?

    7. Contests are a good way to generate excitement and attention for your product or service. Keep in mind that rules and regulations for contests will vary by country so you typically cannot use one contest across borders. Does anyone have examples of contests that they think were really good, or even really bad?

    8. Given this weekend is the busiest weekend of the holiday season, what are your thoughts on how retail companies handle Black Friday? Thinking about the concepts we have talked about in class, what do you like/dislike about the sales strategies? What would you do differently?

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    1. What are the primary differences between advertising and publicity? How ethical is advertising that appears as publicity?

    The primary differences between advertising and publicity are important. In regards to advertising, this is when a company is attempting to sell a product to a given target market. For example, cars are sold to those who are in middle and upper classes as well as those who are rich. Publicity refers to that of getting attention for starring in a sitcom or movie. This includes that of the recent Breaking Dawn movie or with any of Stephanie Meyer books. As one can tell, this is in reference to a product that is sold to the public, but the person is receiving the attention more so than what is actually sold in the market.

    Advertising can easily appear as that of publicity, but one needs to consider ethics in this matter. Ethics becomes an issue when using advertisements in order to reach the market. This includes deceiving others in order for people to buy the product. For example, AT&T did this with their commercials on television by saying that they are worldwide and in every country. In reality that is not the truth because they are competing against others in the industry, and in reality Verizon has more of a presence than AT&T. What this company did was unethical and can ruin their reputation despite trying to sell phones, computers and so forth to anyone interested.

    2. What role does technology play in global public relations? Provide a specific example.

    Technology plays a huge role in global public relations. For example, ever since the invention of the Internet, companies are working closer than before through the use of email and translators in doing business around the globe. They are utilizing social networking sites in order to advertise to parts of the world that may not have heard of their product or service. For example, I have used the Internet to let others know of Scentsy or my books when attempting to find business locally and worldwide. I do this ethically, and in the confines in which to make sure that people are willing to buy-in what it is I am trying to sell them that is of high quality.

    Here are some more instances in which public relations is becoming a phenomenon. Technology is used by means of having websites that have more than one different language in order to reach as many as possible. This means making sure that people are able to buy what it is they want or need on a regular basis. Companies prepare these sites to present to other parts of the world in hopes to have a joint venture or merger with them that is successful. People are then able to communicate faster than ever by using their phone, texting, email and web conferences, which has made all the difference in getting others to want to work with organizations and to get employees to work for ...

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