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Organizational Function at Microsoft

Evaluate how the organizational functions of Human Resources and Operations impacts the organizational structure of Microsoft.

Need a short description for each; Human Resources and Operations.

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Impacts of Human Resources

The organizational function of Human Resources Policy has a great effect on the flexibility of organizational structure. Human Resources in Microsoft can affect how well a firm can attract skilled and high-quality employees by offering different benefits and incentives. For example the company implements a policy of relocation assistance to its newly recruited employees and spouses. Microsoft provides temporary housing, vehicle and applies for work visas for its new employees. This policy creates an environment that makes it easier for a new employee to relocate which continuously attracts quality candidates. The goal of the program is to get unit operating as quickly as possible because the employee is not going to concentrate on his or her job fully until solving the settlement issues. Of course, this has a direct bearing on company productivity. Another important effect of Human Resources Policy on the organizational structure is the continuous retention of employees. The company previously used generous stock options to encourage employees to remain with the company which is assumed as a standard within the tech industry. However, with the implementation of new accounting rules, this may be impossible in the future. Microsoft also conducted an extensive survey into what factors contribute most to its employees' satisfaction within ...

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841 words evaluate HR and Operations' effects on Microsoft as an organization.