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    MGT300 LT PowerPoint Template

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    Prepare a 10-15 Microsoft® PowerPoint® slide presentation in which you compare and contrast the organizational structures of your team members' organizations. Explain how the functional areas of each organization interfaces and/or impacts each other. Use graphics to illustrate the organizational structures. Also, utilize the "notes" feature in Microsoft® PowerPoint® to illustrate your speaking notes. If any information is paraphrased or quoted, you must provide cites on the slide or in the note section AND provide references in the final slide of the presentation. The rubric is located in the Course Materials Newsgroup.

    The US Army is a Divisional Structure
    Divisional structure is formed when a organization is split up into a number of self-managed units, each of which operates as a profit center. Such a division may occur on the basis of product or market or a combination of the two with each unit tending to operate along functional or product lines, but with certain key function (e.g., finance, personnel, corporate planning) provided centrally, usually at a company headquarters.

    These are the three areas I would like to compare with the other students.
    How Marketing Affect Structure
    How human resources Affect Structure
    How Finance Affect Structure

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