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What are the 12 common qualities of service providers necessary to build a trusting relationship?

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Sometimes, a salesperson at Cavalier Products may promise something to the customer that he or she is unintentionally unable to deliver. Also, sometimes product installation may be outsourced to a service company to complete. A customer can perceive this as being unethical. The managers of Cavalier are concerned about these behaviors and the perception of their company.

Prepare a presentation for a sales meeting on Monday that includes the following:

What are the 12 common qualities of service providers necessary to build a trusting relationship?

What are some common strategies used to earn trust?

What are some important ethical, legal, and professional guidelines that salespeople should follow when working with customers, competitors, employers, and coworkers?

Why is trust important to you as a B2B salesperson?

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Common qualities of service providers necessary to build a trusting relationship
1. Providing accurate information. This would create an impression of a well - organized company and competent employees.
2. Responsive. This is a manifestation that the service provider is ready to provide service promptly or when needed.
3. Avoiding long waiting time. Customer's time must not be wasted unnecessarily.
4. A well - trained employee, who is a highly motivated one, could offer the highest quality and dependable service to customers/clients.
5. Accurate assessment of assistance needed. This would ensure appropriateness of assistance provided to the needs of the customers.
6. Exceed customer expectations. This is rendering service that is more than the expectations of customers or more than the level of quality of service promised.
7. Error-free service. This must be the primary goal of a service provider because the welfare of the customers will be at stake.
8. Periodically communicate with customers to ascertain their needs. This is a manifestation of the company's high concern on customers' welfare and on maintaining good relationship with them.
9. Regard service problems as opportunities to impress customers. This is ...

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