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Assistance with Performance Appraisal

It has been 4 month since I started an entry level job, now I have to fill this form for my performance appraisal. I need some ideas of what to write for each point below Thank you.

Key Objectives

1 Commitment to Customers:
2 Employee Attitude:
3 Communication Interpersonal Skills:
4 Teamwork
5 Job Knowledge Skill Fit
6 Ability to Deliver Results

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Key Objectives:

1. Commitment to Customers:

If you were committed to your customers, you might write something to the effect:

E.g. My commitment to customers contributes to customer satisfaction. I strive to provide the best possible service to our clients. My responsiveness to customers needs contributes to the company goal - to provide customers with quality products and excellent customer service.

2 Employee Attitudes:

What is your attitude towards your job? Do you have a deep interest in your job and fellow workers? Is it always positive or are there some things that are of concern to you, areas where you need further development?

There are different levels of employee attitudes. Which one fits best for you?

a. Deep interest in work. Problems are frequently worked on or thought about during free time.
Work is an important part of living. Takes pride in turning out a quality product. Overtime is taken for granted.
b. Definitely likes the job. Occasional involvement of a high order. Extra time is put in without grumbling.
c. Moderate interest in work. Overtime put in only when requested. Assignments and responsibilities are accepted, but not sought after.
d. Mild interest toward work, occasionally bordering on boredom. Tendency to take it easy and avoid assignments and responsibilities.
e. Interest only slight. Needs daily prodding and supervision to keep working.
f. The only interest is in paycheck. Goes through the motions of working, watches ...

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