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    Forces and Trends Research

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    Research three forces or trends from the remote or industry environment. For each force or trend selected, discuss the following in a 350-word synopsis: (A) a detailed description of the force or trend, (B) the relevance of the force or trend to your chosen organization, and (C) your chosen organization’s strategic adaptability for the force or trend.

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    Let us discuss each of three forces or trends one by one that affect National Institutes of Health (NIH), the leading medical research agency.

    First, we will choose political factors from the remote environment. Being a federal or government agency, any adverse changes in the political environment in the country, such as change of political power or other political turmoil can impact the functioning of this agency. Since NIH depends on the representatives of the government for funding, guidelines, etc., the political forces have an important bearing on the overall functioning and efficiency of the agency. For example, let's say that a shift in political power takes place. The new government may not be the same as the previous one in terms of policy formulation, funding, etc. This forces agencies such as NIH to make many adjustments, such as adjustments in its total budgets.

    Without adequate support from the government, it is difficult for NIH to continue its ...

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    The solution consists of 625 words and one reference, discussing the forces and trends that affect the National Institutes of Health (NIH). This includes technological and political forces, as well as more examples. The agency's adaptability to the forces and trends is also discussed.