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Marketing exercise

There are certain areas of Birmingham that are so rough that Domino's, Pizza Hut, and many other restaurant chains will not deliver to them. Homeboys Restaurant Delivery and Catering Service will deliver. With a bank of phones and two drivers, the company picks up at the restaurant of your choice and delivers to your doorstep. Its drivers use late-model inconspicuous used cars. Homeboys runs a tab at the restaurants and pays weekly for food picked up by its drivers. Customers are charged a $3 delivery price on $10 minimum orders. Its drivers hand out flyers with the Homeboy logo and the names of participating restaurants. Each driver also has the menu from those restaurants. Discuss Homeboys in terms of the three "Ps" of service marketing as defined by Booms and Bitner.

Kotler, P. (2003). Marketing Management, 11/E. Prentice Hall. Chapters 14,15, and 16, Pages. MBA

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The three P's of service marketing are:

* People: Any person coming into contact with customers can have an impact on overall satisfaction. Whether as part of a supporting service to a product or involved in a total service, people are particularly important because, in the customers' eyes, they are generally inseperable from the total service. As a ...