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Economy and Marketing of Healthcare Products

When the economy is unhealthy and businesses begin to struggle, marketing is typically the first place where budget cuts are made.

1. Is marketing an unnecessary expense? Should correctly priced health care products sell themselves? What are your thoughts on these questions? Provide a current marketplace example to support your viewpoint.

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Hope this helps and the examples are suitable.

Marketing is a necessary expense. It helps draw attention to products and services that the consumer may not otherwise be aware of and creates need. In the health care field an example would be the "Thrive" marketing campaign Kaiser has been utilizing. While these messages appear to focus on encouraging consumers to walk more, celebrate nurses, or eat more fruit, in reality Kaiser is communicating about their health system. These messages serve to bring ...

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This solution discusses if marketing is an unnecessary expense and if correctly priced health care products should sell themselves. It gives examples and APA references.